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Featuring Pooch Rivera

At face value, Chef Sean Rivera is a self-proclaimed and patron verified true cook and spice savage, that has almost as many awards tied to his name as years he has been in the business (30 to be exact, he's been serving up plates of love since age 14!). Since then, he has gone on to mentor many young chefs in the industry, who exhibit the same passion that he did as a teen.

Forever a line cook at heart, but with masterful Michelin star skill (World Food Championships & James Beard agree) also in his knife roll, 'Pooch' as he is called by those near and dear to his heart (also by his ~38,000 Instagram followers) is fanatic about creating truly majestic, guest-accessible, culinary experiences. He is the chef/partner of Saj on Magazine St., as well as the creative director of the Claiborne Collective.
Sean 'Pooch' Rivera is also the founder of Foodie Patutie and Co-founder of GastreauxNomica, and still enjoys showcasing events under those brands. As a veteran of the New Orleans & Baton Rouge culinary scenes, he continues to strive to improve his culinary vision for Louisiana as a “GastreauxNomic” destination.




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