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Standard Bayou® Brew Kettles

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Bayou Classic 4-pc Brew Kettle set, is designed for Malt Extract Home Brewing and later can be adapted for All-Grain Brewing. The Stainless Kettle includes a domed lid, stainless Spigot with Ball Valve, side-mount 3-inch Brew Thermometer ranging 60-220 degrees. Bulkhead fittings enable easy attachment of thermometer and spigot for a water-tight seal. Side calibration measuring in gallon and quart that read from the inside of the kettle, enabling more accurate water level setting. Ball Valve Spigot openings are threaded for connection with other brew accessories as needed. Heat shield protects seal on spigot and thermometer. Stainless construction enables easier sterilization prior to brewing and has no interaction with worth or acids. Low side indentation permits use of false bottom (purchased separately) for all-grain brewing.

Join the national rage for homebrewing using affordably Bayou Classic® Brew Equipment & make your own craft beer a reality!

Features & Benefits:

All stainless construction for no interaction with acid wort

  • Side Calibrations in gallon/quart
  • Low Side Indentation
  • Heavy-Duty Welded Handles for secure handling of stockpot
  • Stainless Thermometer with 3-in easy to read dial face indicating brew ranges 
  • Stainless Ball Valve having 1/2-in FNPT threaded interior & exterior opening
  • Bulkhead Fittings for easy attachment of thermometer and spigot for a water-tight seal
  • Heat Shield protects seal on spigot and thermometer from cooker flame 

Available in 8,10, and 16 Gallon

800-432, 8-Gal., 12-in Diameter x 17.24-in Height 

800-440, 10-Gal., 13-6-in Diameter x 16-in Height

800-464, 16-Gal., 15.6-in Diameter x 19.5-in Height


Stainless Steel Cookware Product Manual click here