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Stainless Bayou® Boilers with Baskets

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Similar to a pirogue gliding through still water filled with sacks of crawfish, Stainless Bayou® Boilers bring the heart and soul of Cajun country to your backyard.

Bayou Boilers are the traditional stockpots for backyard crawfish boils. Full-Size Basket maximizes the stockpot capacity for large batch cooking. Locking Helper Handle enables steady lifting and draining of crawfish, crabs, shrimp, lobster, low country boil, and peanuts. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Heavy Welded Handles
  • Basket with Reinforced Helper Handle
  • Helper Handle Simplifies Lifting and Emptying Large Basket
  • Locking Feature on Helper Handle Enables Basket to Set on Top of Stockpot for Draining
  • Domed, Vented Lid Prevents Vapor Lock When Boiling

Available Sizes:

  • 1182, 82-qt Stockpot, 19.625-in Diameter x 19.875-in Height
  • 1102, 102-qt Stockpot
  • 1122, 122-qt Stockpot, 21.375-in Diameter x 19-in Height
  • 1142, 142-qt Stockpot, 21.375-in Diameter x 23.5-in Height 
  • 1162, 162-qt Stockpot, 24.375-in Diameter x 21.875-in Height


Stainless Steel Cookware Product Manual click here