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0331 - Grill Accessory Kit

$ 23.95 $ 47.95


Bayou Classic® Grill Accessory Kit has the ideal tools for the Backyard Chef in your life. For grill prep and cooking, use the Stainless Grill Tool to clean and lift any size gill wire, spread charcoal, and adjust hot air vents. Create 24 tasty little appetizers for your guests with the Jalapeno Pepper Rack and Coring Knife. Cook a whole chicken upright with the Beercan Chicken Rack. Chicken Leg and Pepper Rack grills 12 chicken legs and 6 stuffed peppers. All that’s left is for the accomplished chef and your friends to enjoy the game!

Features & Benefits: 

  • 18-in Grill Tool, stainless steel
  • Beercan Chicken Rack
  • Chicken Leg & Pepper Rack, stainless steel
  • Jalapeno Pepper Rack with Coring Knife, stainless steel